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November 20, 2017

When I set out to find families for my Moments & Memories sessions, I knew I was looking for families who loved to spend time together. I wanted to meet parents who loved on their kids and wanted to make special memories with them. I knew for sure that I wanted to find moms who don’t get in photos with their kids enough.

Robyn told me right away in her questionnaire that as a single mom she was never in photos. “I take a lot of pictures. I want my girls to be able to look back on all the memories and wonderful times together BUT would also love to be included in those,” she wrote.

She told me a story about a trip to their favourite beach, and that is what got me.

“We decided after dinner to head to the beach for a walk before bed,” she explained. “When we got down there, the sun was beginning to set and the water was oddly warm. Well the warm water wasn’t to be wasted, we went in clothes and all!”

As I read her story I imagined the golden light from the sun highlighting the waves, the sound of laughter and squeals as the girls splashed each other and the joy on mom’s face. I’m sure she knew then that this was a memory she’d never forget.

We all have these moments in our lives when everything just feels right with the world. They don’t happen often, but maybe that’s what makes them so special.

Reality over perfection

That list of memories could include the night we met. I know it’s on mine. The sun setting, the bright red leaves still hanging onto the trees, time to wander on the beach and drawing in the sand.

But it wasn’t perfect. It was supper time and they had to drive a long way to meet me. The girls started to get tired and wanted to leave, they started avoiding the camera. I kept glancing at the sun, worried we would lose light before I got all the shots I wanted.

Do you see any of that in these photos? Of course not. You see the love between a mom and her daughters. There are two sisters that get along most of the time and love each other like sisters do. There is smiles and laughter. All the annoying stuff that was happening will always happen. We forget all of that and just remember the things that really matter.

I love these images, and I had a wonderful time with this family despite the little things that didn’t go right. Furthermore, I don’t ever go into a session expecting everything to go perfectly, because that’s life and that’s exactly what I want to document.

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such sweet photos of them having fun together (I would never have know the kids were tired and cranky), great job capturing them!

How did I miss this session? Love the warm fall light and tones, and what a beautiful family!

My favorite one is of one of the girls running towards the sunlight with the tunnel. Such a gorgeous shot!


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