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October 18, 2014

This past summer I was so lucky to have been asked to photograph the wedding of one of my childhood friends. So while I was visiting my home province of Newfoundland, I spent a special Friday evening at their intimate, waterfront wedding, and it was such a fantastic evening.

Robert and Amy’s wedding was held at their cabin. It was meant to be an outdoor ceremony, but storm clouds threatened all day long so the chairs were set up under a tent. As she got ready, Amy said she had her heart set on getting married outside by the water. So they decided to wait to make the official call until the very last minute.

Literally five minutes before the ceremony was to start, she decided that she was having her outdoor ceremony no matter what. So all the guests picked up their chairs and moved them to the waterfront. There was such a buzz in the air as everyone anticipated the ceremony, hoping the rain held off.

And it did. It was a beautiful, simple ceremony and all of Robert and Amy’s closest friends and family were there. The sun even came out, and I believe that was a sign.

After the wedding party danced their way up the aisle, the atmosphere completely changed. Suddenly, it was a party!

This wedding was extra special because of all the amazing nautical themed details. There was a candy bar, a popcorn and nacho bar, the guests signed special oars instead of a traditional guestbook, and got to take home custom made bars of soap made by Heather’s Hope Handcrafted Soap. And instead a fancy meal, there was a Newfoundland specialty – a chip van complete with fries, dressing and gravy and more.

The night was completed with the Father of the Bride singing, and a live band to get people up dancing all night.

It was also my anniversary that night, but my husband tagged along with me and I don’t think there was a better way to celebrate than to watch another sweet couple say “I do”. Thank you Robert and Amy for having me, it was a pleasure to take your photos and I am so glad I got to be there xox
















OMG I love this so much! Right down to the anchor shirt she is wearing while she gets ready LOL this looks like a perfect day!


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