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May 15, 2019

I didn’t know the beach was my happy place until I moved away from the east coast. It had always been within arm’s reach of me growing up, so I guess I took it for granted.

After living in Saskatchewan for nearly 12 years, it became second nature to me to miss the ocean. I longed for the sound of the waves and the smell of salt water. Whenever I would come home to visit I’d make sure to take it all in.

Now that I am closer again, I can’t get enough. Whenever I get to feel the sand between my toes I can’t help but feel nostalgic.

“And the ocean taught her how to drown in all things bigger than herself. The ocean loved her and knew everything that made her. And every time she’d walk to the shore, she’d smile at the ocean because the waves told her story.”

r.m. drake

One of my favourite beaches is Rainbow Haven Beach near Halifax. I remember going there when I was younger and living in Halifax, and again last summer on a hot day when the beach was filled with people. Our most recent visit was much shorter and much quieter – aside from the sound of the crashing waves.

It was a beautiful spring morning, and we just wanted to spend a few minutes there with the waves before heading back to New Brunswick that afternoon.

I knew by now that Grace has also found her happy place at the beach. She immediately took of her socks and ran into the bitter cold water. All she could do was laugh and run back out. By the end of our visit she was covered in sand. But it didn’t matter because the joy on her face was worth it.

Sofia spent her time collecting rocks to bring home to paint. She sat quietly there taking it all in.

I just felt happy. Though the days have been hard lately, being at the beach makes me feel content, just for a few minutes. We were sad to leave (especially Grace), but I plan to visit any beach as much as I can this summer.

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Rainbow Haven Beach
Rainbow Haven Beach
Rainbow Haven Beach
Rainbow Haven Beach
Rainbow Haven Beach
Rainbow Haven Beach

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This is such a lovely family session. I like the way you capture real, candid moments, and memories of family life. So beautiful!

I love it! Not afraid to get in the water in their clothes! So much fun!

I can see why the beach is your happy place, so beautiful!

nothing quite like east coast ocean! everyone looks so happy!

These beach look so beautiful..I want to go here! Love all the candid shots!

these are so great, you can tell it’s your happy place and i loved seeing your happy face there too :)

I LOVE seeing you in the frame! I think I take for granted that we live in New Jersey and so close to some really lovely beaches. I need to make a point to get there outside of summer. I love beach photos where everyone is dressed!

These are awesome! I LOVE being by the ocean too. Can’t wait for Summer and getting to spend our days by the water.

”I didn’t know the beach was my happy place until I moved away from the east coast.” I can totally relate… same here :)
Beautiful memories here!


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