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July 15, 2019

It’s summer in New Brunswick, and we are trying to find fun things to pass the time. We love going on adventures and exploring new places. Parks, beaches, waterfalls. And recently, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

We’d never been, and it was Family Day so we figured that was the perfect time to visit. Sofia is really into art these days so I knew she would appreciate it. We met up with some friends and started by doing a scavenger hunt activity.

It was fun to see which pieces drew the kids’ attention. Of course their attention span – especially Grace’s – only lasts so long she started to get a bit restless. She really liked the bench that looked “like bacon” lol. I enjoyed documenting how they explored together and even the restlessness.

Shooting in the unique lighting of the art gallery was also a fun challenge for me! It took some creative editing, but it was worth it in the end. My favourite exhibit was the photography one of course ;)

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Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Beaverbrook Art Gallery

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This is such a great documentation of the children’s gallery visit! And great job with a potentially challenging lighting situation!

oh wow, what a cool gallery! i want to see that photography exibit! i love how you documented your visit, right down to the restlessness and of course the bacon bench haha!

Wow! These are great! I have only taken my two to a gallery once, a week ago, but I wasn’t brave enough to take my camera.

These are amazing. I need to find an art gallery to take my daughter too, she is obsessed with art. Looks like it was a fun experience.

Lovely pictures!
I find this kind of lighting so challenging, you did well.


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