Playing together makes beautiful photos – Oromocto spring family session

March 12, 2021

Spring is getting so so close! The sun feels warmer and the days are getting longer. It’s time to start thinking about if you want to book a spring family session, so here’s one from last year that still makes me so happy.

Mom requested spring photos with apple or cherry blossoms. I’m no miracle worker, so I can’t guarantee beautiful flowers for every spring session, but theirs worked out perfectly. A few days before their session I drove around Oromocto to find some spots with lots of trees in bloom. I found some pretty ones at the Deer Park trail so that’s where we started.

Along the way, they mentioned that there were some beautiful pink trees near the Oromocto mall. My first reaction was to worry that the mall parking lot and nearby streets would ruin the shots. Plus, the blazing early evening sun would make it hard to shoot there.

It was tricky, but I made it work. Scroll to the end of this post to see a wide shot of what I had to work with. This is something I actually love, making a “ugly” place look pretty. You don’t need a magical location to make magical photos, you just have to trust your photographer!

The blossoms were so pretty, but what made this session beautiful wasn’t the flowers or locations. It was the beautiful family having fun together. They laughed together and played, and the shots with genuine happy smiles are my favourite. You can see the love and that they really do enjoy being together.

In her pre-session questionnaire mom Melissa wrote about each of her children. I took those words with me to their session and I hope I was able to show their personalities and all the things she loves about them.

“Bella is so caring and thoughtful,” she wrote. “She is a true natural caregiver, especially to Emmitt. She still has her childhood innocence around her but at the same time she is starting to exhibit more grown up thoughts. I want desperately for her to stay innocent.”

“Emmitt is my natural born athlete. He climbs and jumps on anything. As he is growing he is trying to be a “big” boy but still wants his morning snuggles before his day starts. I cherish those moments as I know they are not going to last much longer. For as tough as he tries to be, he is very sensitive and still needs mommy to help him through all of life’s tough emotions.”

Have a look for yourself and imaging your kids in a spring family session like this.

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Brother and sister playing together on a trail
Family of four on a spring trail
Oromocto, New Brunswick family in the spring
Spring blossoms family session in New Brunswick
Family photos taken by spring blossoms
Oromocto family playing by the river

Such a cute family and love the vibrant colors!

What a gorgeous location! Both white and pink flowers make sure a perfect Oromocto spring family session!

new favourite session of yours! so much fun and the images are so beautiful! love that you showed the pullback – you’d never know there was a mall right there!

What a sweet family! I love how the mom describes her children. Absolutely beautiful. Also. This makes me so excited for spring!

such a happy family – great shots!


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