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October 9, 2018

September was a busy month, but for my October 10 on 10 I decided to keep it simple. I could have shared our last beach adventure of the summer, or exploring our favourite trail, or the first day of school. But instead, I’m sharing some photos I took in 10 minutes playing outside with my nephew.

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I have one nephew. His name is Ben and he has red, curly hair. He is 17 months old as I’m writing this. Ben is a smarty pants and loves to eat. He copies everything you say or do. To him, cats are “Maow” and dogs are “Coco” (that’s his dog’s name). He made up his own word for please and thank you: “Ga ga”. He loves giving hugs, high fives and fist bumps. And he loves throwing things and sneaking into the bathroom to pull the toilet paper off the roll. He’s a typical todder and I Iove everything about it.

Splish Splash

I love the times I get to babysit him because I know that if my family had stayed in Saskatchewan I wouldn’t get to have these times with him. I love to watch him grow and explore and learn. Every time I see him he has learned something new.

So one day I had him and my girls were in school so I decided to take him out to play in the one tiny puddle outside our front door. He loved it. And I loved watching him discover it. And well, he was just so cute in his yellow raincoat and boots!

Enjoy the photos, I hope my October 10 on 10 brightens up your day a little :) Make sure you visit the other amazing ladies in the loop by clicking the link below.

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I love these! What a cutie!!

these are so adorable! Your nephew is such a cutie and I love the red hair

Oh Ben, you’re so cute! Love the pop of yellow against the moody day and his red curls give me all the hair envy!

These are absolutely DELICIOUS. The brightness of the boots and jacket against the gray tones of the day… perfect.

Oh the color in these is so delicious!

Beautiful photos! I love the details and the joy in his face!

Love that beautiful red hair!!!!

Oh my gosh, so adorable!! I love that pop of yellow, and his red hair!! These are precious <3


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