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May 10, 2018

We like to go on adventures. Not like mountain climbing or white water rafting or anything, but little adventures to new places to explore. We’ve found that there’s a lot to discover in our own backyard.

Now that spring has finally arrived (shhh, don’t tell winter or it might come back) we can resume our adventuring. You may or may not have heard about the flooding in New Brunswick. The Saint John River has been steadily rising since the end of April, with its banks overflowing and causing widespread damage to homes, closing roads and causing residents to evacuate. Thankfully, our home is not in the flood zone so we are safe and dry. But it’s just a two minute drive to the Oromocto River, which is also flooding. So we decided to go check out a nearby trail to see just how high it is.

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the water is probably 15 to 20 feet high in some places. The trees are way below the trail on either side. There is a set of stairs that leads down to the beach, but the water has risen right to the top of the stairs. You can see that the water is up to the bottom of the bridge – that’s the highway!

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Along the way, the girls stopped being fascinated by the water and got distracted by other things. Rocks to bring home to paint (Grace made sure to place them carefully into her sister’s bike basket), a giant ant hill (ewwwwww), and the tunnel where we can hear our echo. That’s where I even got into a few shots with the girls.

But it was on our way back to the car when we found the coolest part of the adventure. Well, for the kids and daddy anyway.

You’ll have to scross down to see what I’m talking about. I got close enough to get a photo and then I was good haha.

I love our adventures. We never know what we’ll find or what we can learn. And it’s always an opportunity to make memories – and take pictures of course ;)

This year I have joined a group of photographers to document our days through blog posts on the 10th day of every month. We’ll each be posting 10 images that we took in the previous month. If you’d like to read all of the posts, click the link at the end of this post to continue the loop.

Follow along with the other talented photographers in the group, next up is the amazing Lisa R. Howeler. Make sure you give her and all the other ladies in our loop some love!

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What a fun adventure! I’m so glad that you weren’t affected by the flood although my heart goes out to everyone that was! And I’m so proud of you for getting close enough to that snake for a great photo haha!

It flooded around my place several years ago and I took pictures as well. I like the picture of the snake and I would have done the same too. Take a picture and go!

OMG the last one! :)
I like how you document it and special thumbs up for being on them as well.

What a fun adventure, you captured it so well! Though, I’m definitely sorry to hear about the flooding. I really love the image of you with your girls in the tunnel!

Oh, WOW. What a neat find! And what a beautiful place to take a family walk. I love the beautiful moments you captured, like your daughter’s expressions and she and her dad holding hands. What beautiful storytelling. <3

Glad your home is ok! Looks like it was a fun adventure!

Aaaaaaaack! Snake!! Great photos! Even the one of the snake! Love the one of you with the kids.

What a fun little adventure! I’m so glad you made it into a photo, and I love your daughter’s reaction to your new little friend!

What a fun adventure. Love the image of you and your girls. And the snake, yikes, awesome snap of it though.

Wow – I’m so glad you documented this! Thank you for sharing.


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