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March 9, 2019

February felt long and cold. Winter dragged on. We spent much of our time indoors watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate. But there were a couple of day that were not crazy windy or bitter cold, so we made sure to take advantage and get outside. For my March 10 on 10 I wanted to celebrate my littlest girl’s big accomplishment. She skated for the first time!

We have been wanting to go skating again this winter ever since we discovered the little outdoor rink at the park in our neighbourhood. But the weather turned and the outdoor rinks weren’t usable most days.

One cloudy but warmer weekend afternoon we decided to venture downtown to see if the rink at Officer’s Square was open. We were delighted to find that it was, and that it was not that crowded.

We brought Grace’s skates but it was the first time she’s tried them so we weren’t sure how she would do on them. At first she hung out in the snowbank, and then she crawled onto the ice. Then daddy pulled her up and took her hand in his.

Letting go

Then she didn’t want to hold his hand anymore. And off she went!

We couldn’t believe how brave she was and how well she did. Yeah, she fell down a few times but she got right back up and refused to take my hand. We really underestimate this kid. She’s my baby and I’m the one having a hard time letting go.

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Officer's Square skating
Officer's Square skating

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These are SO fun! What wonderful captures of such a special day.

“She’s my baby and I’m the one having a hard time letting go.” I think so many can relate to this!

Great photos and so great you were there to document the ice skating achievement.

So fun!! And beautifully documented.


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