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July 2, 2018

June 28th was the one year anniversary of Luke and Sindy’s backyard wedding. I never blogged their beautiful day because I was moving to New Brunswick and didn’t have access to my computer for about a month. So I thought one year later would be the perfect time to share that gorgeous evening! I may now be a New Brunswick wedding photographer, but I will never forget my last prairie wedding.

Mother nature was on their side

When Sindy contacted me the week before her wedding, she told me that it was last minute but she felt that photos would be so important, especially since her family couldn’t be there. So I knew I had to help her out. The day of their wedding there were storm clouds everywhere. As I drove out to the farm, I worried that they would have to move it indoors but secretly hoped they would go ahead with it outside despite the rain.

Luke’s family welcomed me with open arms. Everyone was dressed up, but there was still a very relaxed mood. The rain came down, but soon slowed and the clouds broke up enough for them to set up chairs and flowers outside. The rain held off and the ceremony went ahead. Sindy looked stunning in a blush coloured dress as she walked down the aisle lined with daisies. It was intimate and beautiful and perfect.

After the ceremony the newlyweds celebrate with champagne and cut their cake. Then everyone gathered around to write notes to the couple on paper lanterns before releasing them into the sky. It was so fitting and lovely.

A rainbow for good luck

When it was time for photos of the bride and groom, we began walking towards the barn. And then I saw the most beautiful rainbown peeking out from the dark clouds. We ran to the driveway and I captured the most incredible wedding photos I’ve ever taken. It couldn’t have been morep perfect for them!

When all was said and done, the family invited me to join them for supper and I couldn’t say no. It’s so special when a family welcomes me so openly and appreciates how valuable these images will be for them. Happy anniversary Luke and Sindy! I hope you are enjoying married life and that you are still having lots of good luck.


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Loving all the details and the brides dress is amazing!

Loving all the details and the brides dress is amazing!

beautiful photos, i love small intimate weddings! That rainbow is gorgeous!


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