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April 24, 2017

Last summer when I was home in Newfoundland I met up with my cousin and her sweet little family to take their pictures. The last time I took photos for Natalie and Kent, it was their wedding day. So being able to see how much their family has grown and to document their energetic little boys was so much fun for me! And of course being able to do it for family makes it even more special. Natalie’s sister Gina (also known as Aunt Gina) was also there for a few shots.

We met at a pretty little park in Grand Falls-Windsor that was kid friendly and perfect for photos because it has a trail through the woods, some stairs and the dock along the river. Before the session Natalie warned me that the boys wouldn’t be much for posing, and of course I said that was fine with me because I’d much rather follow them around and capture their personalities anyway! Right away I could see big brother Andrew’s personality, as he showed me the pickle he brought along with him. Yes, a pickle. Mom shook her head and told me it wasn’t even a bribe to get him to cooperate, he just wanted a pickle! We laughed as he carried that pickle all over the playground. It even made it into a couple family shots.

But then he lost his pickle in the water. It was pretty shallow so both boys spent several minutes trying to reach it. And soon enough they did! I’m not exactly sure where the pickle went after that (although I can probably guess), but I’m happy that it made it into some shots because it just adds to the fun of the story their session tells.

After the pickle incident, we walked up the stairs and along the trail through the trees. It was so beautiful, and since here in Saskatchewan trails like that are harder to come by, I really enjoyed it especially when the boys wanted to climb the trees.

We all had so much fun that day. It was carefree and full of love and each image show this family’s connection with each other. Yes boys – or kids in general – are full of energy and don’t always cooperate, but that’s perfectly ok by me. They had fun and that’s the best part.

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