Kathryn Kohut, Miss Universe Canada 2015 Delegate

June 10, 2015

This spring I had the immense pleasure of meeting and working with Kathryn Kohut, one of the delegates for Miss Universe Canada 2015. She spent some time in Rosetown with her job and volunteered with the Rosetown Youth Centre.

When I received a voice mail from her back in March, I was a bit shocked and intimidated. I had never worked with a model before, outside of photography workshops. But I was excited at the prospect of trying something new. So we met for coffee on a cold and wet evening and hit it off pretty much immediately.

Kathryn is so genuine, welcoming and sweet. She made me feel completely comfortable, and I knew right away that I really wanted to work with her. (Read more about her here)

So we met a few weeks later at Ann’s Sewing Room for a photoshoot. Ann was the one who gave Kathryn my name, and I have to thank her for that!

I have to be honest, I was nervous. Kathryn is a seasoned model and has worked with many experienced photographers. But she put me at ease right away with her relaxed and easygoing personality. We brainstormed a bit, scouted out the best spots for photos and then got to shooting. Now, I am used to chasing little kids around, searching for the perfect candid shots and telling families to interact with each other. Shooting a model is completely different. Kathryn knew what she was doing, and she concentrated on posing while I found the best angles and light (and I should mention that the light in Ann’s Sewing Room is amazing!)

The longer we worked together, the easier and more fun it got. Every time I glanced at the back of my camera, I felt giddy with excitement. Kathryn is a natural and the camera sure loves her. Afterwards, we had fun going through the photos and choosing our favourites. I learned a bit about modelling and posing, and we got some beautiful photos.

When Kathryn competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant in May, I was glued to my computer. I cheered her on and was thrilled when she made it to the top five and ultimately was named second runner-up. She deserved to win it all, and shined on that stage. I’m so proud to say that I know her. I hope that in the future we get to work together again.

Thank you Kathryn for encouraging me, letting me learn from you and gain new experience. It was unforgettable!
















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