Jeff and Alysa

August 29, 2015

I knew Alysa before she booked me to photograph her wedding. She was my daughter’s pre-k teacher last year, so I already knew what a sweet person she was. I have to be honest though, when she told me her wedding was to be on New Year’s Eve, I was a bit reluctant. There is a lot of pressure to shoot a wedding on such a big day, and well we all know how unpredictable Saskatchewan winters can be.

Then I met Alysa and Jeff at their farm near Elrose. As we walked around looking for spots to shoot, I began to envision snow on the ground. I could picture Alysa in her gown, wrapped in a sweater or jacket, Jeff pulling her close to warm her up, their dog bouncing in the snow beside them. I imagined them huddling under the tall trees with soft winter light all around them. And I knew for sure that we would escape into their barn to get out of the cold and to reenact some of the shots we captured this summer.

I’m no longer reluctant to shoot their winter wedding. In fact, I’m really excited about it. And I am absolutely ecstatic about their engagement photos. They were so relaxed and mellow the whole time, as we moved from spot to spot, snapping a few shots here and there. I love how they laugh together, and how they hardly had to say anything but seemed to be able to read each others’ minds.

The best part came at the end. I was about to pack up my camera when I looked up and saw the sun glowing pink and about to dip behind the clouds. I have been really into silhouettes lately, so I knew I had to grab this chance. Shots – and moments – like that are why it’s worth it to stay up just a bit later in the summer.

I can’t wait for Alysa and Jeff’s wedding this New Year’s Eve, stick around to see how it turns out ;)














[…] their photos at their home, which happened to be a farm near town and the perfect location. We did their engagement photos there in the summer, and I wanted to recreate some of those images. We took shelter from the bitter wind in the loft of […]


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