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October 16, 2018

Back in September I held my first afternoon of mini sessions since moving to New Brunswick. I decided to do Riverside Mini Sessions because one of my favourite places by the river in Oromocto was perfect for taking photos.

I’ve often said in the past that I don’t do mini sessions. So yes, I broke my own rule here. BUT with good reason. It’s not that I have always disliked the idea of doing minis. It’s just that the traditional mini session didn’t fit with what I want to offer my clients. I pride myself on offering sessions that give families time to spend together making memories. It’s never been just about the photos for me, but about creating moments together that you’ll always cherish.

So the thought of sitting a family down in a certain spot with props all around them, forcing them to look at the camera just wasn’t me. So I decided to do mini sessions MY way.

Short time, big memories

My main goal when doing family sessions is to have everyone doing something together. I love bringing families to the river because the littles can throw rocks and they can explore together. There are always sticks to draw in the dirt with and hidden paths to follow.

There was just one little one at this session, and lucky for me it was her first time throwing rocks in the water. I actually got to watch – and photograph – her discover how to do it and how much fun it is. That in itself made some pretty sweet memories for everyone! She was so proud when she hit the water that she clapped.

The thing that made these mini sessions so great was how simple they were. I didn’t need an elaborate setup, just a fun family and a beautiful day. I’ll absolutely be doing riverside mini sessions again :)

Oromocto Photographer

Oromocto Photographer

Oromocto Photographer

Oromocto Photographer


this is such a great idea for mini sessions that get the whole family involved! and her little piggytails are the cutest thing!


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