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December 28, 2018

I discovered the Happy Hour Club on Instagram. A friend tagged me in their post looking for a photographer for their first event. This amazing social club is for women in Fredericton to make connections, be inspired and enjoy happy hours together at different venues around the city.

I didn’t end up being the photographer for that first event, but I did attend. Although I was a bit too shy to put myself out there I thought it was a great event. They have a signature drink (in a special glass!), appetizers and tons of door prizes. The glasses are made by Rosewood Essentials and at the second event, everyone also got a purple scrunchie from Loop Scrunchies!

When I saw the call for a photographer for their second event, I applied right away and this time I was chosen. The founder, Courtney Larkin, told me that she had me in mind because the venue was perfect for my style. It was being held at Rustico. They have amazing pizza and a ton of delicious Mediterranean foods to choose from. She was right, the atmosphere was perfect for me to shoot in.

Women supporting women

Stepping outside of my comfort zone to shoot this event was one of the best things I have done for my business since moving to New Brunswick. The entire Happy Hour Club committee was super welcoming and friendly to me. And making my way around the room as it filled up, I realized that Fredericton has some pretty amazing women. To see all of them in one room promoting themselves and wanting to encourage each other was incredible. In the end, I even booked a few sessions and a wedding from this event.

I already have my ticket for the next event on January 31st at Claudine’s Eatery and I’m so excited! This time I won’t be the photographer so I’ll get to just hang out and enjoy.

I love that the Happy Hour Club is about supporting each other. They choose “Faces” to showcase at each event, they have it at a different venue and have different drinks and appy features. And they always have surprises up their sleeves. Make sure you check them out and watch for their next event!

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[…] me back up. In June of 2018 I attended the first event for the Happy Hour Club, an incredible event for women in business in Fredericton. The HHC chose me to be the photographer […]

I love the details of the event! It looks like a fun event!

Such a great way to make connections! Amazing coverage :)

that sounds like such a great event, so fun!

What a great event and networking opportunity! Looks like such a fun and supportive environment!


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