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March 16, 2018

I haven’t done a newborn session in a while, and as soon as I started shooting this one I remembered how much I love them!

There’s just something so amazing about watching new parents getting to know their baby. They can’t stop looking at her. There’s constant discussion about outfit changes, dirty diapers, nap time and feeding.

That is why I believe it’s so important to have photos of this time.

It goes so fast

There’s many reasons why a family may not want to get newborn photos taken. Mom is exhausted and recovering, for one. Both mom and dad are learning how to be parents and don’t feel prepared for photos. Baby isn’t “doing anything” special (they want to wait for milestones like sitting up or walking).

All of these are valid reasons, but no matter how tired, worn out, not ready you are, you should do it anyway.

Of course I’m saying this because I want to take your photos for you (wink wink), but there’s more to it than that. I truly believe you will regret not having photos of this time. I have very few images of my first daughter as a newborn, and oh how I wish I did.

You’ve probably heard it before, it goes so fast. It’s true. In all of the chaos, sleep-deprivation, exhaustion, there is a whole lot of beauty. Your baby is tinier than she’ll ever be. She is fresh and perfect and quiet (most of the time). I know when you’re sitting up with her at night, you’re looking down at her wrinkly face, holding her finger in yours, smelling her hair.

When it’s all over, you’re going to forget. As much as you want to remember every detail, they start to fade. And all you’ll have left are the mementos you keep and photographs.

More than baby pictures

But more than all of that, I want you to remember how your life has changed with this new baby. You need to remember the days, the moments, your lifestyle, the conversations, the love.

It’s about so much more than a sweet new baby. It is about your family. Your life.

When this beautiful family contacted me to book their session, mom told me that she didn’t know having a photographer come to their home was an option. She only knew to book studio photos. She booked me too, because she wanted more than just beautiful photos of her baby girl.

“I liked the idea of having life images; and not posed images of the baby in our home,” she told me. “I would like to have her in her room – perhaps with her crib in the background, and also in our living room. We spend most of our time in our living room. She really is our miracle baby and we couldn’t be happier.”

The entire time I was there, I felt at ease and I believe they did too. We did things on baby’s time. We let her sleep, we gave her a bath. There were no worries about fancy outfits, complicated poses, crankiness or moving her around. It was relaxed for everyone.

So if you’re expecting, or even if you already have your baby (because I can do newborn photos at any stage), think about the time that’s slipping by and the things that are going to change or already are. It’s all worth documenting.

Fredericton in-home newborn session

Fredericton in-home newborn session

Fredericton in-home newborn session

Fredericton in-home newborn session

Fredericton in-home newborn session

Cuba 2016

To book your in-home newborn session, contact me through my inquiry form.


oh so sweet!! what a darling little girl — love the yawns! and it’s so nice to be able to do the photos at home where everyone is comfy :)

what a sweet little bub! So many gorgeous images!

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such beautiful first moments captured!


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