Floyd, 4 months old

January 27, 2016

I don’t know what it is about this kid, but he makes me smile! Maybe it’s because I feel like I know him so well already just from taking his newborn photos and now his four month photos. Or maybe it’s because his mom is such a sweet, wonderful mother that I can’t help but feel happy around both him and her.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to watch little ones like Floyd grow in front of my camera. I get to capture milestones like sitting up, and I can see how much they change in such a short time.

As a mom myself, I know how fast time goes. I know that we always mean to make a note of all the milestones, but that sometimes it doesn’t happen. It’s hard to keep track of every little thing our kids do, like their first tooth, the first time they sleep through the night, or even just the first time they grab a toy by themselves. But that doesn’t make those milestones any less important.

It makes me so happy to know that I can help capture those moments. Floyd, at almost four months old, was just starting to sit up and smiling like crazy for the camera. Now, just a couple months later he’s mastered the sitting and has moved on to crawling. But his parents have these photos to remember that fleeting time in his – and their – lives.

Don’t let the little moments pass you by. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion or perfect weather to record those milestones. If you wait, they will be gone. Contact me to book your milestone session today :)








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