Five honest reasons to have your next photo session at home, with Oromocto photographer Blueberry Hill Images

January 26, 2021

I have so many reasons why I love doing at home sessions. But there are lots of reasons why you should be excited about the idea too.

Here are five of them.

Your kids – and you – will feel at home, literally.

I hear it all the time from parents that their children don’t like being in front of the camera or they never want to sit still long enough for photos. Well during at home sessions they can be comfortable and just do what they always do.

Most of the time, kids don’t even know I’m there. Or they want me to play with them and can’t wait to show me all of their toys.

And you don’t have to chase them around or force them to sit in one spot. You can just relax and be yourselves.

Your session can be at any time of day that works for you

We live in New Brunswick, it’s not always nice outside. An at home session means no need to reschedule because of rain or cold.

Being able to shoot at home means you don’t have to work around naps (I’ll take pictures of nap time too!) or mealtimes. I have lots of experience with shooting indoors so not matter what time is best for you, we’ll make it happen.

Yes that means bedtime too.

You’ll have images of the place your children grew up

Recently my grandmother passed away and I spent a lot of time at her house going through her things. When my dad was young their house burnt down and they had to rebuild from scratch.

As my family and I looked through old photographs we found some that were taken in the old house. Those images are a treasure to my uncles now.

For me, her house was a place of so many childhood memories. I walked around and took photos of all the things that brought back memories for me.

Photos of the places I spent my childhood are so precious to me. Your kids will want to see your home when they are older. They will want to remember their bedroom and favourite toys. I can catch all those little things for them to look back on.

We’ll make more than just pretty pictures – we’ll make real memories too

Do you ever think about all the things your child does that you love?

The way they set up their stuffies in a certain order before bed.

How they love helping you make supper or empty the dishwasher (all wrong of course).

The way they use the dog as a pillow when they’re watching a show.

Their serious face as they concentrate on Lego building on the floor of their room.

These are not things I work around as I take photos of your family. They are the exact things I want to take pictures of.

Those things are the very essence of their childhood and you don’t want to forget any of it.

Your kids will see how special their ordinary life is.

This is YOUR life.

You are living it right now.

When we make photographs of all the little things, they will understand that they are really big things.

Your kids will feel loved and important and enough.

You don’t need to dress them up and lecture them about smiling perfectly.

They are perfect just as they are. And so is your everyday life.

This was one of my favourite at home sessions from 2020. It was meant to be a newborn session, but it became so much more than that.

Big sis got to be in the spotlight too, and all kinds of sweet moments and details too.

To secure a story session for your own little family, learn more here.

Big sister and baby
Family in home session
Little girl's bedroom
Newborn baby at home
Playing on mom and dad's bed
Loving on baby boy
Big sis details
Fredericton newborn session

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So many great reasons! And such a great set of images to illustrate them with!

Great advice and beautiful photos!


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