Festive Five 2019 | Oromocto Documentary Photographer

December 29, 2019

This is my Festive Five.

The holidays are filled with so many different moments. There is the craziness leading up to the break, with concerts and parties. The excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve, cooking meals and inviting guests over.

And there are the calm moments – my favourites – when you notice things like the twinkle of the lights on the tree when your kids are cozy on the couch watching a Christmas movie, or when you drive by houses adorned with lights and you can hear Hark the Herald Angels sing playing on the radio.

Every year I get into a bit of slump at Christmastime. I don’t feel like taking photos but I feel like I have to because it’s Christmas. I find it hard to see the holiday in a new way, and often end up with many of the same shots year after year.

But look closer. They are not the same. Yes, our tree is in the same spot with the same lights and that darn Elf on the Shelf hasn’t even blinked her eyes. But the holidays aren’t about those things. They are about seeing how your children have grown since last year, and seeing the wonder and joy and magic through their eyes.

Besides, I’d rather have the same photos every year than no photos at all.

I chose five of my favourite photos from this season to share, along with several other ladies in our last 30 Minutes in the Life blog loop of 2019. It’s so wonderful to see how each of them celebrated their holiday. Have a look at mine and then click the link at the bottom this post to continue the loop.

I hope you had a very magical holiday too, and that you have lots of photos of it.

Christmas in Oromocto, New Brunswick

Next up in our “Festive Five” loop is the incredible Crystal of Crystal Bella Photography. Enjoy!


They might feel the same, but they’re not – and they’re just as special!

These are wonderful! I love the emotion you captured!

Jen these images are beautiful especially the last one. I love all the bokeh in your images and there is nothing more rewarding than going back and looking at past images. Even if you think they are the same your children have grown. Love what you shared.

Isn’t it amazing how much they grow?! Beautiful images!


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