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February 9, 2019

We have spent a lot of time stuck inside so far this year. So for my February 10 on 10 I wanted to share one of the very few outings we went on. It was pretty excited to get out! (Can you tell I live in Canada?)

We decided at the last minute after a weekend of sickness to check out Little Ray’s Wildlife Festival (Little Rays Nature Centre). My girls LOVE animals so I knew it would be fun for them.

It’s funny though, they never end up enjoying the things I think they will. Sofia is obsessed with snakes but it took a bit to build up the courage to touch one.

I was in it for the llamas and the sloth. And was pretty excited when I saw the armadillo, which happened to be the subject of one of my elementary school book reports lol.

But my favourite moment of the whole day was when my brother was feeding the camel, and a random goat tried to steal the food. Ever see a goat photo bomb? Scroll down!

What is 10 on 10?

I’m part of an incredible group of photographers who share a blog post each month on the 10th with 10 photos from the previous month. It’s so fun to go through the whole loop and see what everyone has been up to (oh and see their talent!). Make sure you scroll to the bottom of my post to check out the next post in the loop!

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Little Rays Wildlife Festival

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Looks like a great outing! Great shots~

I love animals and what a cool array of them. It took me a while to work out what animal was in the last one and then I saw it, SLOTH!!!

Oh my gosh, that last photo with the sloth <3 Love it!!! Such a great outing, looks like it was so much fun.

What a fun day! I love that you took photos. The joy is palpable, and your images are so sharp!


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