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September 21, 2020

Golden hour is a photographer’s favourite time of day. So that’s a big reason why this family of six sunset session was so wonderful for me to shoot. But there was so much more to it than that.

When all the little things come together perfectly, we can make magic.

It feels almost surreal like this isn’t real life, is it? But it is. This is your family, in its most perfect form. Your babies are chilly but happy to be in your arms, while your son, the oldest, simultaneously tries to be a star for the camera and asks to go play at the playground. Your daughter, the middle child, picking flowers and in her own little world.

It started out as a chance to get family photos. Maybe you struggled with what everyone should wear. Then it was getting close to bedtime and the babies were getting cranky. It felt like a lot of work and you wondered if all the chaos would ruin the photos.

It’s the chaos that MADE the photos.

“We just interacted with each other and the photos kind of came together without us even knowing it.”

Don’t you see? It’s not just about getting the photos. It’s time you spend together and it’s memories you’re making that go along with the photos.

You can get pretty photos from any photographer. But can every photographer give you an experience where you forget that you’re having photos taken?

“I worried about not being able to get all the children to cooperate. The shots where they aren’t looking are the ones I like best.”

Maybe you’ll be surprised too.

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Twins and siblings
Family sunset session
Brother and sister at sunset
Family sunset session
Sunset family photos
Family sitting on a quilt
Sunset with a family of six
Twirling at sunset
Mom and dad at sunset
Silhouette family photos

The chaos totally made these photos! So much personality! And the light in these is incredible.

I love this session! So beautiful and the golden light is stunning…but that sunset!!!!! Great job as always


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