It’s pretty awesome when, as a photographer you get to photograph one family on several occasions. This family came to me in 2015 when their oldest daughter graduated and I heard from them again this year when their second oldest daughter was leaving high school. To have two daughters graduating a year apart must have been exciting and emotional for them. For me, it meant I got to spend another day with them and help preserve this important time in their family’s life.

Emily looked stunning on her grad day, wearing a light peach dress and a vintage inspired up-do that suited the detailed back of the dress perfectly. She was quiet and easygoing and understated, making my job easy. Her family gathered around her and complimented her so well. The best part was that her little brother was her escort, so their photos together were extra special.

We spent the afternoon wandering around their beautiful farm. Into the trees, out in the wheat field and between grain bins. Then we headed over to the same stone house that we used for Hannah’s session the year before, and that just made me so happy! We also used a big red barn at a nearby relatives’ farm and even drove out to her dad’s prized canola field for some shots. So Emily’s photos are full of meaning and variety.

The whole afternoon was pretty perfect. It was windy and warm and sunny, and we laughed and they came up with ideas. I love their photos so much because they have so much sentiment, and I just know they will cherish them forever.











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