Downtown Fredericton family session | New Brunswick lifestyle photographer

August 14, 2018

Whenever a mom tells me that she has very few photos of herself with her kids, I feel like it’s my mission as a New Brunswick lifestyle photographer to make that happen.

I know how hard it is. You do things with your kids and they are constantly asking for snacks, you have to put sunscreen on them, carry all the gear and make sure they are safely within sight. You don’t have your camera/phone near you at all times, or it’s just too much work to grab it. And even more work to figure out a way to get in a picture with them.

For this particular mom, she is a single parent and her boys are getting older, so getting any photos at all is a pretty special occasion. In fact, special occasions are probably the one and only time everyone gets in pictures together.

But don’t you want more than that? Don’t you want to see the photos from your staycation, a trip to the splash pad, that nightly walk along the waterfront?

Trip of a lifetime

This mom did. She was on a big trip with her sons, coming all the way from Alberta and driving around the Maritimes. But Fredericton was special to her because she went to UNB and wanted to show her boys the place she loved so much when she was younger.

I loved the idea of taking some photos on campus, at her favourite building. This is a place that meant so much to her, and to be able to share that with her kids was pretty awesome.

After our visit to UNB, we headed downtown. She reminisced while the boys threw rocks in the water near the train bridge (and then she joined them). We wandered along the walking path, while she told me about her time here. As a New Brunswick lifestyle photographer, I loved hearing about her favourite places to hang out. And I loved seeing how much her boys enjoyed hanging out here with her.

My job as a lifestyle photographer

The most important part of what I do is telling stories about families that may have otherwise not been told. I was so grateful to this beautiful family for contacting me because I got to help them tell this little story about their adventure to the Maritimes. And now they will have these photos to look back on forever. It’s so simple, but it’s such a big deal to me.


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What a great session of mom with her kiddos!

love these photos and the fact that mom took part in the session!

Love this session! I love that she took the boys to her old campus! So special and sweet!

What a fun session for this mom and her boys!!! As a”boy mom” I would cherish something like this!

I love those wrestling ones!

I couldn’t agree more! It’s so important for parents to be in the images, and not always behind the camera.


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