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August 21, 2019

What kid doesn’t love jumping in puddles?

That’s why I decided to offer Puddle Jumping Sessions this past spring. Our street always has lots of puddles and my girls love splashing in them in the spring time, so I thought why not?

It’s also one of those things that every kid does, but parents don’t always take photos of.

When you’re on the way to the bus stop or to the park, your child sees a puddle and of course, heads right for it. It’s just something that happens on the way to do something else. Sometimes you don’t let them splash for fear of them getting too wet.

I have lots of photos of my girls jumping in puddles. And I also spent a good half an hour taking photos of my nephew one time in his little yellow raincoat and boots. Those are some of my favourite pictures of him.

When Cooper and Abby came to play in puddles with me, it was a chilly March Day. There was still snow all around and it wasn’t an “ideal” photo location. At least for most photographers. For me, it was perfect. I look past the dirty melting snow and I just see the kids having a blast. The giant puddle for making the biggest splash. And two best friends having the best time.

I just know they will love looking back at these photos when they are older. I mean, really how many people have photos together with their childhood best friend like this?

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puddle jumping
splashing in puddles
rainy day puddles
best friends and puddles

adorable, what a wonderful idea for a photo session!

these are so great! i would have loved to have photos like this of me and my friends as kids. such a fun thing to look back on!


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