Chelsea & Damian’s Lifestyle Session

June 7, 2016

I believe in documenting the everyday. It may not been exciting or even eventful, but those little moments make up our lives. That is why I have started offering lifestyle sessions, particularly in-home. It’s easy to say “my house is too messy” or “the photos won’t be interesting”, but that is not true at all. Those are honest parts of who we are, who our families are. What’s the point of documenting something that isn’t real? Some of my very favourite photos of my own family are the ones in our messy living room, of us just being us together.

So in an effort to do more of these kinds of sessions, I put out a model call for families who would want to invite me into their homes to document their everyday life. I got a great response, and was pleased to be able to meet some new clients through it.

The first session I did was for the Shaw family. Little Chelsea had just become a big sister, and her baby brother Damian was already growing like a weed. Their mom Tracy welcomed me into their home for a morning and I spent it not only taking photos but playing with dolls, jumping on the bed and chasing an energetic toddler around. It was perfect.

Chelsea was so much fun to play with. She put on a show for me, and I was able to capture her bubbly personality as she played with her toys and showed me around her room. Her brother was asleep when I arrived so I got to spend some one-on-one time with her first.

Once the sleepyhead woke up, I got to see how protective big sis was and how she wanted to help out with him. There were these special moments when she was comforting him in his swing and giving him his soother that just melted my heart. These are the things that you can’t make happen.

This session gave me a newfound love for this type of photography. This is where I feel at home. I love being able to give the gift of real, honest, everyday memories, the ones you don’t always think to take photos of yourself. I want to thank the Shaw family for letting me do this for them, and I hope they will cherish these photos forever.

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