Cameron, 5 days new | Babies

January 30, 2015

I’ve been so lucky to be able to watch some clients grow up in front of my camera. I have photographed the Johnston family several times since I started my business. I first met them when the oldest girl Charleigh was an only child. Since then I’ve taken extended family photos for the Johnston family, I photographed little Jett when he was just three weeks old, then again with his mommy, and family photos again last year before they were expecting their third baby.

So I feel like I’ve been a part of this family’s life for a while, and to get to go to their home to meet their newest addition Cameron, made me so happy. Baby girl was only five days old, and she was so content, even with her older siblings running around her. And boy were her brother and sister proud, especially Charleigh. She was so excited to hold the baby and give her kisses.

Cameron’s session was also special because it was so relaxed. In the past, I have done baby sessions in my studio, but I have found a new love for in-home lifestyle sessions. This way, mom doesn’t have to pack up all the kids to come to me. Instead, I show up and do my thing. Baby is more comfortable, and the big kids can easily be a part of it too. I loved the natural light in the Johnston’s home! We used mom and dad’s room for some shots and did some in the living room. And my absolute favourite ones are the simple images of mom admiring her baby. It just proves that you don’t need fancy props, poses and backdrops to create beautiful photos. And these are real moments so that’s even more special.

Thanks again to the Johnston family for allowing me to capture your memories once again. I hope life with baby Cameron is wonderful xo










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