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November 5, 2019

Earlier this summer I did a Spectrum Inspired session for the sweetest little boy named Logan. Logan has autism Autism Spectrum Disorder with Accompanying Speech Disorder. But that doesn’t stop him from being the light of his mom’s life.

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“He is a goofball,” said his mother Amanda. “He is one of the happiest kids you will ever meet, he loves to interact with people and be silly, and he is not shy and is easy going with strangers.”

I saw his big personality as soon as I met him. He was super excited to play outside with water balloons and bubbles. And he immediately wanted me to join him.

Despite his positive energy, Amanda told me that their everyday life can be a struggle sometimes.

“Logan’s receptive and expressive language are delayed. So responding to instructions might be slightly problematic. He also has severe rigidity issues, so if things do not go how he thinks they should go, he will become quickly angered. He does not typically lash out physically, just cries or screams loudly,” she explained.

She told me that the last time they had family photos taken was when Logan was six months old. With a new baby on the way, Amanda said she wanted to get photos of Logan with his new sibling.

Logan inspired me

I had so much fun with Logan, and meeting his baby sister. And we managed to get some amazing family shots along with lots of documentary ones of him playing and showing me his favourite things.

These sessions are so important, because they give parts of children like Logan precious images, when otherwise they may not have them. Getting photos of a child on the spectrum can be a challenge, but I know from experience that all it takes is giving them control and following their lead. I’m honoured to be able to give families like Logan’s this gift.

Spectrum Inspired session
Autism Spectrum photographer
Fredericton child photographer
Blowing bubbles with Logan
Child documentary photographer
Fredericton family photos
Backyard family photos

What a fun session, and what a wonderful gift to give this family. I especially love the photos with him and his sister!


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