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Bringing your child into the world is an incredible thing, but so often it becomes just a blur of emotions. These memories shouldn't and don't need to be a blur. As your birth photographer, I will document the experience so you can relive it and hold it close to you as your child grows.

My Birth Story

My Why

My first daughter’s birth was quick but difficult. I almost had to go for an emergency c-section. No epidural, over an hour of pushing and resulted in a blood transfusion. I don’t remember them giving her to me for the first time. I can’t picture the delivery room or feeding her for the first time. I have so few photos from my time in the hospital, and zero from the first few hours of her life.

Two days before my due date with my second daughter, I became obsessed with the idea of birth photography. I scoured Pinterest for hours, suddenly desperate to have photos like that to remember this birth. I reached out to several birth photographers and started making plans.

The next day at my weekly appointment my doctor told me I was already in labour and I should get to the hospital and not sneeze on the way there. As my husband navigated city traffic, I texted my photographer friend to see if she could make it. Six hours later Grace was here and I had the images I had dreamed of.

Every time I look through those photos I remember. They bring back the feelings of anticipation, the intense emotions, the love. I would never have remembered the details from that day without them.

That is my why. That is why I want others to have those priceless images.

Photos of my second daughter’s birth taken by Tracy Creighton

One of very few photos I have of my first daughter, Sofia's birth

Birth photographer in Fredericton
Fredericton birth photographer
Baby's birth in Fredericton hospital
First moments of baby's birth
Newborn baby in Fredericton
Newborn baby born

Birth photography is documenting the once-in-a-lifetime moments of bringing your child into the world. It is your story, strength and everything that happens that day. The people around you, the emotions and the miracle of your baby’s first breath.

The birth of your child is a life-changing moment. Birth photography gives you those moments to see. The first time you see your baby, the love of those around you, the very first details. Look back with fresh eyes and relive those things over and over.

If you value images of your day-to-day moments, have bookshelves full of scrapbooks or simply want to remember the first day of your child’s life, birth photography may be for you.

Think about how important these images will be for telling your family’s story. If the thought of having them makes you feel something, that’s the first sign. You deserve to see those moments, to see how strong you were and how amazing birth is.

How do you know if birth photography is for you?

Questions and answers

When will you be on call?


I will be available to you after you reach 38 weeks in your pregnancy. I will be on call 24/7 and reachable via mobile.

When will you be present at my birth?


You should contact me at the first signs of labour, day or night. I will have my bag packed and ready to go. My goal is to arrive when you are in active labour and I need at least one hour's notice to get there.

How revealing will the images be?


That's totally up to you. Your images can be as open or as private as you want them to be. I will send you a questionnaire after booking for you to tell me what you hope me to capture. I am comfortable with whatever you are and will only document what you want me to. The same goes for sharing your images online.

How many images will I receive?


I'll send you a few preview images soon after the birth for you to share the news with family and friends. You will get a full online gallery within 3-4 weeks with unlimited images in colour and black and white. You'll be able to download them directly from your gallery.

How do I book?


The process is simple. Fill out the booking form at the bottom of this page. I will then contact you to set up an in-person or virtual consultation so we can get to know each other. After we chat I'll send along my contract and invoice. Time is limited so no date is guaranteed until the contract is signed and deposit is paid. Once you're booked in, I'll be there to support you and be a resource any time you need it!

Mom holds her newborn baby in the hospital.

Birth Story Package

• In-person or virtual consultation
• Exclusive on call from 38 weeks
• Up to 24 hours coverage
• Unlimited edited images from your birth, in colour and black and white

• Custom hardcover keepsake photo book or $150 print credit
• 50% off in-home newborn session
• Access to online store to purchase print products
• A special gift from me and some wonderful local businesses



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