Beautifully simple at-home newborn photography, and what makes it so special

February 28, 2021

I did three wonderful sessions with this family, and each one was so special in its own way. First, a maternity session as they prepared to welcome their baby boy. Then, documenting them learning to be parents in their first 48 hours together. And now, finally home with their baby boy for their at-home newborn session.

When I arrived for JR’s newborn session, the first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable mom and dad were. In just a few short weeks they had learned about parenthood, with all its sleeplessness.

They were tired but so proud to show me how much he had grown already. I could see him already growing into his features.

That’s what newborn photography is after all, a way to document the changes in those early days before they aren’t newborns anymore. And a new day-to-day life together.

An at-home newborn session is simple, and I do that on purpose. I don’t bring along props, no lighting or special outfits. Instead, I let the parents decide what is most important to include. I want to show their life as it is, and baby as he is on that day. Because tomorrow will be a new day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, I’m not just here to make beautiful photos. My job is to document YOUR family. I could bring along blankets and clothes and toys and other props, but they wouldn’t mean anything to you.

I also don’t pose newborns, other than adjusting for the best angles. All I’m looking for is real life.

Sweet baby JR is a year old now and these photos are memories documented from his first days at home. His at-home newborn session was so special in all of its simplicity and the perfect way to remember.

Reserve your at-home newborn session here, I’d love to tell your beautiful story.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in his crib
Mom and dad sit in their baby boy's nursery snuggling their son
Mom, dad and newborn baby sit on a bed
Newborn baby boy sleeping in a Moses basket
Tiny newborn baby boy laying on mom and dad's big bed
Mom cuddles her newborn baby boy

Sweet, simple, perfect. They will cherish these!

I love how authentic these feel and the real emotions you captured!

This is beautiful! such sweet first moments together


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