Baby Lauren | Luna Baby Pillow Session | Saint John Lifestyle Photographer

June 25, 2019

This session kind of has everything. An adorable baby (her rolls!), a mama who clearly loves nursing, the comfiest and most versatile pillow, and some very pretty light.

Lauren was the first baby myself and Luna Baby owner Courtney Larkin met when we put out our model call for moms of babies. Their story and their “why” was perfect for what we were hoping for, and we also loved that they live near Saint John so we got to step outside our local area.

Mom Andrea told us, “I have wanted to take breastfeeding photos with Lauren since she was born because it took 11 days for my milk to come in. I had many lactation appointments and struggled tremendously to succeed – pumping ever two hours while trying to heal myself from an extensive labour. I think our time is quickly coming to an end because the duration of our nursing sessions keep shortening in time and she’s so interested in food and bottles. The thought of losing these special moments with her breaks my heart and before we wean I would love to have photos to show her when she gets older.”

As a mom who breastfed myself, I know the feeling of regret in not having photos like this. It was such a special time and I wish I had images that captured it. So it was so wonderful to be able to give them to Andrea and Lauren.

I’ll let these images speak for themselves, but I will say that I truly loved this session and I’d love to do more nursing sessions like this! If it’s something you would love to have for yourself, please get in touch!

Read more about my partnership with the maker of the most versatile pillow, Luna Baby, and see another one of our sessions, here.


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