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November 15, 2018

I met this sweet baby girl back in January for her in-home newborn session. I hadn’t seen her since, so I was excited to see how much she had grown. What a cutie!

This time, we met outside in the family’s beautiful yard in September, where we could play with the animals and take in the warm sunlight. (Seriously, what kid doesn’t want to have a goat they can ride?!)

It is going to be so wonderful for them to be able to watch her grow up in this place, near the river and with so much beauty surrounding them. I especially loved how friendly the chickens were! We hung out under the crabapple trees, picked some carrots from the garden and played with the dogs on the grass. It was a pretty perfect late summer afternoon, and even though she won’t remember this, she’ll have these photos to remind her when she’s older.

Home sweet home

I really love doing at-home sessions all year round, not just when it’s cold outside. Think about it, this is the place where your kids will grow up. It’s where you spend more time than anywhere else, where you celebrate holidays and milestones. Your kids play in the yard and run in and out of the front door. You put your heart into your home, so why shouldn’t it be a part of the images you take that document your life?

I am so happy to be able to give this family these incredible memories at their home, and to be able to see this sweet baby girl grow in front of my camera.


Six month old session
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so adorable, what a great photo session! I love that there are random chickens all over the backyard.

This baby is a doll! Beautiful images!!

So much wonderful variety in this session! I especially loved the chickens and the chicken hat haha!

What a sweet baby, just absolutely precious. I love her chicken hat that she’s wearing in those first couple of shots, and the shot with her pups is so gorgeous.


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