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August 9, 2018

I had a really hard time choosing what photos to share for my August 10 on 10 post because July was super busy for my family. My girls and I travelled to Newfoundland, my home province, to visit family and we didn’t stop much while we were there.

When I think about our trip and what moments stand out to me, there are a few. A day at the fair, spending time with my grandmothers, hiking to a waterfall, big family suppers, seeing Grace face her fear of splash pads, coffee dates with my mom, and so much more. Just being home was wonderful, and I especially loved being able to show my girls where I came from.

Down by the bay

I grew up near the water, so anytime I had a chance to be near water I was in my happy place. One day, we went to visit family at their cabin and took a walk down the beach. My girls made a new friend, and they ended up in the water with their clothes on. The water was so warm because it was right at mouth of the river. The humid air was sticky and the water felt so refreshing. The girls splashed until they were soaked, and then Grace got upset but Nanny Diane calmed her down and walked beside her back down the beach.

It was spontaneous and fun and a perfect afternoon. I even made an appearance in a few photos. If it wasn’t for the mosquitos and the fast rising tide, I could have spent the whole day there, collecting rocks and memories.

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August 10 on 10

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I love this so much! What a fun, happy, spontaneous day in a place that means so much to you. Also nice to see your smiling face :)

Gorgeous!! Your photos are just fantastic!

What a special thing to bring your children to the place where you grew up. Well done, friend!

Beautiful. I love being by the water, always so fun.

OH my gosh! What a beautiful place!

Good job getting in those photos, mama!


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