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April 10, 2019

There are a lot of places I don’t always think to bring my camera. My kids’ schools for parent-teacher interviews is one of them. Of course I need to focus and talk to their teacher, but I also love that I’m able to document this because it’s not something I would usually do.

Luckily, we didn’t have to do a lot of serious talking because Sofia is doing great in school. Her teacher couldn’t say enough nice things – things that I have a hard time believing, like how good of a listener she is haha.

It was fun for her to come along this time because she got to show us her classroom, her desk, the things she’s been working on. Her teachers had set up stations for us to work together with her on reading, math and science. I could tell how proud she was to show us everything.

When I think back to being in elementary school I don’t remember going to parent teacher interviews with my parents, or even showing them my classroom during other events. I have a precious few photos of my first day at kindergarten, but that’s pretty much it. So being able to take photos like this for my girls means everything. I know they will love seeing them when they are grown, and to show them to their own kids.

Photos that tell a story

I’m a part of a group of amazing photographers who share 10 photos from the previous month. I often taken WAY more than 10 photos so it’s fun for me to narrow it down to tell the story in just 10. Scroll to the bottom of this post to follow the loop!

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Oromocto documentary photographer

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Oh, these are great! I don’t bring my camera to the school often, either!

I forgot to add how much I love these photos to my last comment! Ha! I was thinking how cool this was, but as usual I rambled along about other things! ;)

You know, I don’t remember having a ton of parent teacher conferences with my parents until I was in high school, and even then it was an annual open house where parents could talk to the teachers if they wanted to. The only teacher my mom wanted to talk to anyone about was my math because I was horrid at it. And one time she talked to a history teacher who made a comment I read too many books in his class. They were historical fiction and my mom pointed that out and then also told him “Well, she could be doing worse things…” but she did tell me to pay attention more. I didn’t have to pay attention to much. All he talked about was football. ;)


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