Apple Orchard Sessions – Part 1 | Gilbert Farm | New Brunswick Lifestyle Photographer

January 6, 2019

When I moved to New Brunswick one of the things I knew I wanted to do was apple orchard sessions. It’s just one of those true New Brunswick things, and I knew it would be the perfect place for family photos.

I decided to do “mini sessions” but not in the traditional way. Many photographers do minis and they at a great location and include props and a fancy setup. I wanted my “minis” to still represent my style of photography, which doesn’t often include props or sitting in a set.

For me mini sessions are just shorter sessions, with less time and only only location. They are cheaper than my regular sessions but only because they include less. I want my sessions to be an experience, whether you are booking a two hour sessions at several locations or coming to a place I’ve chosen on a specific day. And though you don’t get as much, you always have the option to upgrade to get more (I’m a bit of an over-shooter even during minis!)

An experience to remember

My plan for my Apple Orchard Sessions was to meet the families at Gilbert Farm and simply hang out with them as they picked apples together. I did bring a quilt (cause I love quilts!) for a few posed shots but the majority of the sessions were all over the orchard, not in one spot

The families I met that day were all so awesome! They all came with excitement about visiting the orchard and the kids all immediately took to picking the biggest and shiniest apples to put in their basket.

One of my favourite things about these sessions was that although they all happened at the same place, they were all so different. It just goes to show that each family is different and the memories they made were unique to them.

Here are the first three of my Apple Orchard Sessions 2018. Click here to see part 2!

Gilbert Farm photos
Burton New Brunswick photographer
Apple order photo session
Apple orchard in Burton New Brunswick
Gilbert Farm photo session
Picking apples
Family apple picking
Eating apples
Apple orchard photographer
Playing in the leaves
Throwing leaves together
Extended family session
Brothers photos
Picking apples and throwing leaves

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