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May 30, 2021

I know when spring has arrived because we start spending evenings outside with our neighbours. Evenings in our neighbourhood are some of my favourite times.

We are so lucky to have neighbours who have become friends. Our kids get along (most of the time) and we spend a lot of time with them just outside in our yard and on the street.

Most of these spring evenings include lots of bike riding, sometimes chalk drawing, bare feet running and sometimes hide and seek. It amazes me that the kids can always find something new to do, or can continue to find fun in the same old things.

On this particular evening in our neighbourhood, the skies threatened rain but that didn’t drive us inside. The kids created a giant space scene on the driveway, complete with rocket ships and aliens. Then they rode their bikes like motorcycles and planned a sleepover.

And when the littlest guy scraped his toe (that’s what happens when you won’t put shoes on), his big brother comforted him.

It’s such a simple thing, yet these are the memories they’ll have when they are grown. They’ll say, “remember when we used to race our bikes up the street?” and “remember how much fun we had when we were neighbours?”

And I’ll remember how tired they were at bedtime, and how content I felt as I said goodnight.

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Kids playing in the street
Ourdoor play
Brothers sitting on steps

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Jenn, what happy memories you are making. I love that your children can play outside in the street and enjoy themselves. I missed that down in Florida where everyone stays indoors. Such beautiful captures.

Beautiful glimpse into your lives!

pure childhood! this is exactly how i remember being a kid. they’ll love that they have photos of it.

these moments are priceless!

I love these kind of sessions so much! I especially love the ones of them looking through the window!


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