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January 28, 2019

I’ve wanted to start doing Fresh 48 sessions for a long time, and Adalyn’s Fresh 48 was my first. And it was so so wonderful.

I put out a model call for expecting parents for Fresh 48 sessions at Fredericton hospital. I wanted to be able to try it before adding it to my session offerings. In-home newborn sessions have always been one of my favourites to shoot, so I knew that I would be as equally in love with Fresh 48s.

If you don’t know what a Fresh 48 is, it’s a session that happens within the first days of your baby’s life. Usually it happens while you are still in the hospital, but it can also take place at your home if you get out quick. The main thing is that it’s within those first few hours, to be able to capture all the details and moments that make up that fleeting time.

My Why

I don’t have many images from my first daughter’s birth. It was quick and almost ended in an emergency c-section. I lost a lot of blood and ended up in the hospital for six days. I was not well enough to take photos for myself. I will always wish I had more photos.

That time is a blur. You’re so wrapped up in taking care of this new life, and yourself. You want to breathe it all in, but the fact is it’s overwhelming and exhausting. It’s only later that you look back and realize you are starting to forget the little things and to wish you had more photos.

So I wanted to give that to other families. I didn’t want them to look back with regret. I want them to have images of this incredible time in their life. They should remember how their baby looked that first day of her life. I want them to remember their older child’s reaction to meeting his baby sister. The colour of her eyes. Her wrinkly feet. Her chubby cheeks and fuzzy back. And hopefully they will also remember how it felt to hold her that first day, because there’s nothing like that feeling.

Meeting Adalyn

I met Adalyn and her family that day after her birth. When I arrived in their hospital room, she was laying on a nursing pillow on the bed, fast asleep. Mom was so tired, but I could see how happy she was too. Dad came in holding older brother’s hand, and grandma and grandpa had stopped by to visit too.

First we had big brother hold his baby sister, which was so adorable! Then we got some family shots, and then I focused on baby and mom. Of course these sessions are for the whole family, but it’s mom who is fighting sleep and pain, worrying about feedings and diaper changes. She’s the one who will need these images the most.

I make sure to capture all the little details. Adalyn had a head full of hair so that was a big one for me. I love getting shots of baby in the bassinet, to see how tiny she is.

I got some shots of dad, and the grandparents. But mostly I just documented everything as it was happening. Baby girl was a bit fussy and needed to try eating. She wouldn’t fall back to sleep so I just got lots of shots of her in mom’s arms. This is one day that will be gone tomorrow, and my goal is to give the family authentic memories to look back on.

As I said my goodbyes and shut the hospital room door behind me, I smiled and knew that I’d be back for more.

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[…] was my second Fresh 48 session (you can check out my first one here), but my first with a family welcoming their first baby. It made my heart so happy to see them […]

[…] was my second Fresh 48 session (you can check out my first one here), but my first with a family welcoming their first baby. It made my heart so happy to see them […]

these are so beautiful, I also wish I had gotten photos at the hospital when my kids were born…they will cherish these!

Wow these are amazing!!!! So wish I had done something like this with my son. They will treasure these amazing photos forever!

Her hair is amazing! Her big brother is adorable too. Beautiful images!!

this is so precious! what an amazing head of hair! my favourites are the ones of big brother looking at her in the bassinet. congrats to the family!

Thanks! I love those ones too, he was so cute.


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