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Oh, hey there!

I’m Jenn

I'm the one with the fancy camera on the first day of school, and who has to get photos of my kids giant mess before I clean it up. I see the beauty in the chaos and can't help but document it. Also, the ocean is my happy place, alpacas make me smile, I can't cook but I make great iced tea, and I'm a true child of the 90s (my first loves were New Kids on the Block and Rider Strong from Boy Meets World).

my story

Photographer standing on a boardwalk overlooking the Saint John River

I have two little girls who make me so happy and drive me so crazy (if you’re a mom, you get it right?) Sofia is 11 and Grace is 8. I’m married to a guy who moved across the country for me and cooks for me, so I think he’s a keeper.

Growing up in Newfoundland, I knew I always wanted to leave and be able to travel. Somehow I ended up in the Saskatchewan prairies for 11 years. Now I’m back in New Brunswick, where 20 years ago, I spent four years at STU learning to be a journalist. Why the heck did I come back, you ask? I missed the east coast. I missed the ocean, the trees, the people. My roots. My heart had never left Atlantic Canada. It will always be home to me.

I learned a lot in my time out west. I turned from writing to photography, learned how to start and run a business, shot everything from studio sessions, head shots, newborns, grads and weddings, before finally discovering that my heart is in storytelling photography.

I started my photography business in 2011 and it has evolved from studio to weddings to a love for documentary photography.

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Blueberry Hill?

I lived in the same house for 17 years. Our backyard was amazing, full of big old trees and places to explore. And pick blueberries. It's one of my fondest memories of time spent with my dad, who also happens to be my biggest inspiration and the reason I believe I love photography. My dad passed away in the fall of 2016. He's buried up on Blueberry Hill in our hometown. It just felt fitting to name my business after something that has so much meaning to me. When I was a kid, my parents took a lot of pictures. I can see my dad with his camera around his neck, and I can hear myself saying "daddy take a picture of me!" I'm so glad he did.

Pictures From My Life

The photos from my childhood that are my favourite are not the posed ones taken at Sears on special occasions. They are the ones my parents took on regular days. It's in those images that I see how I became who I am. Every one of those moments is a part of me. My dream is to give my clients images of their lives so their kids will have them forever.






How many client's I've photographed - families, couples, grads, weddings, newborns, events, headshots, cake smashes and more!

The provinces I have worked in. Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Nova Scotia.

The minimum number of images in each client gallery. I'm a self-proclaimed over shooter and #sorrynotsorry

The number of years I have been in business (started out as Jennifer Blake Photography in 2011)

The number of times during a session I will tell you to stop looking at the camera and look at each other.

I Actually Have a Degree

I’m Obsessed With

in journalism

antique quilts & old buildings

My guilty pleasure foods are

Shows I keep rewatching

Friends, Outlander, Schitt's Creek

poutine, mac & cheese

im also a lover of

aside from photography, I

am a Girl Guide leader

alpacas & summer thunderstorms

My perfect hobby

Little girl feeding an alpaca

making art with my girls

Some stuff you need to know about me


beautiful everyday

told through my camera