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October 31, 2018

When I lived in Saskatchewan I became fascinated with exploring abandoned buildings, house and farms. It grew out of a need for me to find unique places to shoot. I sometimes found the vast prairies lacking in creative backdrops (other than rolling thunderstorms of course).

I first went exploring with my friend Tracy from Copperblue Photography and Design in 2012. We discovered some pretty cool places that day, including a ghost town. We returned to Bents in 2013 to shoot together for fun.

I found an abandoned farm close to home in 2014, and went back there many times for photo sessions. And then in 2015, Tracy and I went exploring together again and we found several neat places, another ghost town and houses left frozen in time.

Last adventure

When I was moving to New Brunswick, we decided we had to go out one last time. So in June of 2017 we went on our final back road adventure. This time we found houses, a barn and an old school house.

Abandoned places will never stop intriguing me. When I was there I could feel the stories in their walls. I believe that those who lived and spent time there left pieces of them behind. If you look closely you never know what you’ll find.

I have yet to go exploring abandoned places in New Brunswick, but I hope I get to soon. I’m sure there are lots of stories to be told and I can’t wait to be the one to tell them.


Abandoned photographer
Abandoned barn
Abandoned schoolhouse on the prairies
Abandoned farm

[…] One of my favourite things to do in Saskatchewan was go exploring the back roads for abandoned houses and farms. It was a great creative outlet and I really want to do it again here in New Brunswick! Wanna see? Click HERE or HERE or HERE. […]


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