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May 26, 2017

I love shooting at golden hour. That’s the last few hours of the day before the sun sets, and it’s most photographers’ favourite time of day.

As I make the big move to Fredericton this summer, I’m making it a point to shoot all of my outdoor sessions during golden hour, so 2-3 hours before sunset. I want to take full advantage of my new city and province, and create the most beautiful photos I can. I am imagining tall trees with the evening sun filtering through, the sunset reflecting in the river, and city lights turning on as the sun goes down.

Some people may wonder why its so important and what effect the time of day has on your photos. So I’m going to tell you!

1. The light, the light, the light!

When it comes to photography, it’s always all about the light before anything else. The quality of the light can make or break a photo. A photographer could have the most expensive camera in the world, but if they don’t know how to use the light they won’t create great images.

During golden hour the light is so pretty. The sun is low in the sky and creates a beautiful golden setting. This kind of light means I can shoot into the sun and get back-lit images. You know, that kind of light that surrounds the subject and creates a hazy glow.

When planning your photo session, the most important thing – before location, before outfit choices – is the light. It’s not something that can be chosen at random. It’s totally worth pushing your kids’ bedtime a bit later to get the most beautiful photos with the perfect light.

2. More options for locations

Because the light is so much more versatile at sunset compared to the harsh light of midday, I can shoot in locations that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Imaging standing in a wide open field at 1pm. The sun is directly overhead, casting hard shadows and giving you racoon eyes. You’re squinting because the sun is so bright. That’s not really an option for any other time than sunrise or sunset.

At sunset, I can shoot in that open field and instead of harsh, hot, sunshine, we’ll get dim, even light. The shadows will be long and subtle. You won’t have to squint because I’ll probably put the sun behind or to the side of you. We won’t have to search for shade. We can find some trees, and the light will filter through them and create even more beautiful lighting. Or we can find some open shade and get nice even lighting too. The options are endless!

3. Because kids like to play and move around

Since I won’t have to be as specific and careful about locations, your kids can run free. I will be able to chase them around and use the light whatever way it comes at me. If we were shooting during the day, I would have to keep them confined to open shade so to avoid the harsh shadows and bright sun. I love shooting at sunset, and I’ve done it a lot so I know how to use that kind of light.

4. Silhouettes

One of my favourite creative techniques to shoot is silhouettes. This is something you can’t do unless the sun is low in the sky.

It’s so much fun to play around with different poses! I’ve shot maternity silhouettes that highlight mama’s bump, couples kissing with the sun peeking in between them and kids making shapes with their hands. It always looks cool!

I love the idea of a family playing together on a hill, baby on dad’s shoulders mom and little sister holding hands. The sun frames them and you can only see their connection with the backdrop of the clouds and sky.

5. Sunsets!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? When you book a session at sunset, you always have that chance of lucking out and getting a pink and purple, or orange and red sky. You could get a backdrop of colourful clouds, stormy skies with the sun rays shining through, or wide open blue.

I love all types of sunsets, and the only way to get photos of a sunset is to stay up and be there for it!

Here are some images I took of my girls playing during golden hour this spring. That golden light gets me every time, and I hope you can see why.

I’m booking lifestyle sessions in the Fredericton area starting in August 2017. Contact me for information on booking your session!

Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0001.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0002.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0003.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0004.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0005.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0006.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0007.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0008.jpg
Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0009.jpg


Gorgeous photos as always! I love the light and warmth

So many great reasons to have a sunset lifestyle session!


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