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January 3, 2021

Last year I joined a group of photographers to document 30 minutes in our lives. I stopped blogging halfway through the year, but now I’m back and I want to continue with this project. It’s a chance for me to share a little bit of my life, like a simple winter adventure, and to introduce you to some other wonderful photographers.

We started 2021 one off on a high note. It was finally a nice day, and we were anticipating a big snowfall the next day. So my little family and our neighbours headed out to explore our favourite nearby trail.

It felt a bit like fall still, and the kids had a hard time accepting that it was in fact January. When we reached the brook, they just wanted to play in the sand and current.

But what I saw was the light. I love winter light. It was around 2 pm yet the sun was low enough in the sky to cast a warm glow on us as we wandered.

The fresh air felt so good, and I could tell the kids were feeling it too. They had been cooped up all through our muddy green Christmas and had been anxious to get outside again.

As the sun got lower, we had to leave because not only was the crisp air getting colder, but there were wet hands and feet that had to be thawed out. But I know that now that we have snow, we’ll be going on another winter adventure very soon.

Each month I join a group of photographers to document 30 minutes in our lives. From the quiet moments to milestones, we all have stories to tell. Scroll through my photos and then see who is up next in our blog loop!

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You look like you went on a wonderful outdoor adventure. You have beautiful scenery and I love the pockets of bokeh that you have created in the images. Great share.

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