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January 23, 2021

January has flown by so fast! It hasn’t been easy with Covid-19 cases rising and just doing whatever we can to get through each day safely. We also haven’t had very much snow here. We had one significant snowfall, and managed to make the most of it before it rained again a few days later. My husband is like a big kid and has been waiting all winter to build a backyard igloo.

I have to say, he didn’t a pretty great job. The first night he had it finished we all went out in the dark to check it out, flashlight in hand. It was a great challenge for me to shoot in the dark with only the flashlight to light my photos. It was fun to play, even for a few minutes.

Before the rain came and made the snow as hard as a rock. we got one night afternoon to play out there again. I’m always so amused by the games my kids come up with to play. I think the two younger ones were being animals and my oldest was their owner. It made me laugh. And of course the igloo was their home.

I can only hope we’ll get some more snow and be able to enjoy this winter some more. It’s tough being stuck inside! And this is coming from someone who dislikes winter. But if I have to suffer through, it may as well be with things like a backyard igloo.

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I LOVE these! We would never get enough snow in Atlanta, GA to make that work! So much fun!

Michael did a great job with the igloo! Such a fun way to spend a snowy afternoon and you captured some great memories!

Jenn this looks like so much fun. I have not spent a lot of time in snow and the one time that I remember the kids built a snowman and managed to throw snow at me. Your girls look like they had a whole lot of fun. Kuddo’s to your husband for making that happen.

These images are fantastic! They bring back so many childhood memories of when my kids were little. And so much fun!

This.Is.Awesome! We get excited if we get enough snow to make a tiny snowman. An igloo is just out of my wheelhouse! What a fun, fun day! Thank you for sharing your winter with us!

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