13 Weeks | Pregnancy Photo Journal

May 7, 2013

Time is rushing by! I can’t believe I’m 13 weeks already, which to my delight means that I am now in the second trimester! I’m hoping that means I will be getting some of my energy back soon. It’s unbelievable how much making a baby takes out of you. I now realize we have way too many stairs in our house, cause every time I get to the top, I’m winded lol. I am also discovering that much of my clothes don’t fit anymore. MY bump is growing daily, and I’m really starting to feel pregnant now.

Life is crazy. We’ve been working to finish the basement renovations in our house (to have a second bathroom – meaning I don’t have to climb all those stairs when I need to pee yahoo!) Now that spring has finally made an appearance I’ve been thrilled to spend time outside. I made it a priority to spend a full day with my daughter, and we had so much fun out walking, playing with bubbles and ladybugs, and of course, I took lots of photos. Oh, how I have missed shooting outside. I plan to take full advantage of every beautiful day this spring and summer!

I still have a long 6 months ahead of me, but I know that this summer will fly by and November will be here in a flash. I’m taking it one day at a time, trying to feel the best I can and enjoy every moment. This week I dragged my reluctant hubby out to the vacant lot across the street to take belly pictures. I’m pretty impressed with the shots he got. I should also mention that he is pretty amazing to be putting up with all my hormones these days. I’m a lucky girl :)






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