The Ironside family was the second of my model call sessions. They welcomed me into their home on a chilly Sunday morning to hang out and document a regular weekend for them.

First I played on the floor with the boys, while dad watched curling. Then dad and oldest son Bennett played a little one-on-one hockey in the basement. By the time we were done that, baby Tate was down for a nap, so of course I had to snap some photos of him sleeping in his crib. While he slept, I headed outside with mom and Bennett to draw and play hopscotch. Then mom and dad read a book with him, because he’s in Kindergarten and just starting to learn how to read. When Tate woke from his nap, we made sure to grab a few family shots before I had to go.

It was a perfectly relaxed and most importantly, real session. These images represent exactly who this family is at this time in their life. No, it wasn’t a big occasion like a birthday or holiday. There was no reason to get dressed up. But these are important moments. This is the way they spend their Sunday mornings together. And this is what they will want to remember years from now.

I cannot express enough how special these kinds of sessions are. For me, I get a glimpse into the life of a wonderful family and I get to freeze these moments for them. For them, they can relax, have fun and end up with some lovely photos they will cherish forever.

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