Photography for Kids Class


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Cost: $110

Location: Whimsy Birch Kids Yoga Studio, 800 St. Mary’s St. Fredericton.


Ages 8-12

During five one-hour classes, children will learn the basics of using a camera and how to take photos. Through fun activities, assignments and demonstrations, students will embrace their creativity and learn to document their life.

Students will be asked to practice what they learn at home. While there will be some cameras available to use, each child is encouraged to bring their own, preferably an actual camera but phones/ipod/tablets are fine too.

Each class will focus on one or two subjects.

Week 1 – History of photography/The photographer’s toolkit
Week 2 – Exposure: ISO, shutter speed, aperture
Week 3 – Camera settings (white balance and basic settings)
Week 4 – Composition
Week 5 – Lighting, posing and careers in photography


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