Fun with Photography class


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Cost: $75

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Ages 8-12

In these hands-on classes, children will learn both the practical and creative sides of photography. We’ll set up mini photoshoots, learn how to use any kind of camera and take creative photos. All while gaining knowledge and skills in this timeless medium.

Week 1 – We’ll open up our toolboxes to talk about the equipment photographers use and examine the evolution of cameras and photography.
Week 2 – If you want to Compose, you must Expose! Children will be hands-on learning about what exposure is and how shutter speed, aperture and ISO work together to make a perfect photo.
Week 3 – Set yourself before you wreck yourself (and your picture!) This week we’ll learn about the camera settings that really make our photos stand out.
Week 4 – Compose Your Pose. We’ll learn about setting up your photo in creative ways and do our own mini photoshoot!
Week 5 – Say Cheese! We’ll put the final touches on our photos and discuss lighting, posing and careers in photography.

Students are required to bring a camera/phone/tablet that they can take photos with. Any camera will do! Some cameras will be provided for students to try, but they will be asked to try what they learn at home and get used to using their own equipment. Students are welcome to bring their favourite object (stuffy/toy/decorative piece) to use as a model during our sessions.


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