In home lifestyle sessions are my new favourite thing. When you live in Saskatchewan, you have to be creative in the cold winter months. And just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you should stop taking photos.

I know most people think that their house is too messy or not “pretty” enough for photos. But if you think that you couldn’t be more wrong. If you follow me on my personal Instagram, you will see that I take a lot of photos of my everyday life. And believe me my house is not always clean, and there are lots of things I don’t like about it. But it’s our home. It’s where we spend most of our time. So why shouldn’t it be the backdrop for so many photos?

I spent some time with teeny baby Meyer and her family in their home and it was wonderful. We used their living room (their front window had lots of pretty morning light, even on a gloomy fall day). Then we took some photos in the nursery, which is one of the best places to get photos of a new baby. And we took a few shots on mom and dad’s bed. Bedrooms are one of my favourite places to shoot because babies look so small on a big bed.

Meyer was so sweet and calm, and probably a lot of it was because she was in her home and not taken out to a strange new place. That’s another thing I love about doing newborn sessions in the clients’ home. I love all the family photos I got, and the sweet photos of big brother with his new baby sister and how many of them look in timeless black and white. I hope you like them too :)













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