Whenever I travel to a new place for a session I get butterflies. I love seeing new parts of Saskatchewan and especially getting to shoot at my clients’ homes, but I always get nervous not knowing what to expect. Photographers often have to adapt pretty quickly to whatever is thrown at them. Sometimes it’s bright midday sun and lack of shade, other times it’s unpredictable weather, and sometimes it’s bees.

When I pulled up to Hannah’s family’s farm the first thing I saw was an old stone house across the road. I told my husband (aka assistant) that I wanted to shoot there no matter what. It was so cool and screamed to be photographed.

I met Hannah and her family and immediately got excited because, first of all she was gorgeous in her bright orange dress, and second everyone was so friendly. I could tell they were excited for photos and they had some great ideas and suggestions. When I asked about the stone house, they told me about the bees. Behind the house there is an even more amazing stone barn and next to the barn were the beehives. They told me we could try to venture over there but had to be careful of the bees.

I didn’t say it at the time, but I was bummed. I was itching to shoot at that barn and house, and I didn’t want to let some bees stop me!

First we headed across the road to a shady area near a dugout. It was beautiful there and perfect shelter from the hot sun. Then we went onto the road for some wide shots. I love shooting against the big blue sky, and Hannah’s dress added such an awesome contrast. And then we decided to try the barn. Hannah really wanted to try to get some shots there, and I was secretly super excited about that. So we ignored the bees, and for the most part they ignored us. There was one little incident with my “assistant” running away onto the road when he noticed several bees around him. But other than that, they didn’t bother us and we got some amazing shots there.

That would have been a perfect session in itself, but then Hannah mentioned that she had an idea for a shot she wanted inside. As it turns out, she is going to be attending music school in the fall, studying percussion. So we got a shot of her with some sheet music, and one with a drum she got when she traveled to Ghana. It made me so happy to be able to capture that very important part of her life.

So there were butterflies, but at the end of the day I had such a great time with this family, bees and all. Thanks for welcoming me into your home Hannah and good luck in the fall!














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aaaahhh those stone buildings are amazeballs. great session!

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