August was a fun month for us. We had a beach day, took part in the Fredericton Pride Festival and parade, went camping, hung out at splash pads and wading pools, and explored new playgrounds. As the “neighbourhood photographer” I love all these fun activites and outings.

My favourite photos from the month are ones that I took at home doing things around the house and in our own yard (and the neighbours). One thing we were so excited about when we moved to Oromocto was meeting the people in our neighbourhood. We were lucky enough to become friends with our next-door-neighbours. The best part? They let me take pictures of their kids ;)

At the car wash

When there are lots of kids on your street you get to do all kinds of fun things like campfires and trading toys, riding bike together and running from house to house. One evening in August, the kids were hot and wanted to cool down. So we decided to put them to work and disguise it at a fun activity. Out came the buckets and sponges and the kids got to work washing the van.

Who knew that such a simple activity could be so much fun? And so great for pictures! I’ll guess I’ll keep being the neighbourhood photographer.

It’s just too bad they only got one side of the van clean before they were soaked and bored.

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