The month of June was busy busy for us! I had a hard time choosing what photos to share for this month’s 10 on 10 blog post. In the end I chose to share a bit from a morning walk in downtown Fredericton.I’ve lived in a city before, but most of my life has been spent living in small towns. I sometimes have missed the days of wandering around downtown Halifax, sitting out on patios and taking in nighttime entertainment. But now that I am back living near Fredericton I can enjoy some of those things again. And even better, I can share these experiences with my girls.

Music, donuts and graffiti

The first place we stopped was public piano near City Hall. This colourfully painted piano sit beside the found and anyone who wanders by can play it. Grace especially enjoyed banging on the keys and making “beautiful” music. I’m not sure the neighbouring businesses would agree.Next we visited The Donut Bar. I had discovered this little gem on Instagram and I’ve been drooling over their amazing donuts for months. It didn’t disappoint! I’m not sure what the girls liked better, fruity pepples or s’mores (I liked fruity pebbles best. I think.)

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JuneAfter our breakfast (yes I had coffee too), we walked around window shopping, checking out the toy store and then I made a stop in an alley. I have always loved brick walls and graffiti, but small towns have a serious lack of these things. Also, because Grace was wearing her new sunsuit shorts from The Dancing Llama, I had to snap some photos. For once, she was on board and put on a little dance for me. I have to say, I love downtown Fredericton. It’s got character and charm and lots to see and do. I’ve already done a couple sessions there too, and they were super fun! If you would like to book a downtown session with me, get in touch! :)Scroll to the bottom to click through to the next photographer on the 10 on 10 blog loop!
Cuba 2016Follow along with the other talented photographers in the group, next up is the amazing Nikki Gould. Make sure you give her and all the other ladies in our loop some love!If you would like me to help you document your family’s adventures, get in touch here.