Last year I joined an amazing group of photographers to do a monthly blog loop, with 10 images that we had taken the previous month. We all post on the 10th of the month (10 on 10, get it?) I am back this year to do it again! It’s one of my favourite days of the month because I love reading through all of their stories and seeing their beautiful photos. Seriously, these ladies are so inspiring!

This month I am keeping it simple. I love to watch my kids play. Sometimes I listen from the hallway as they make up games in their rooms. Who knows where they come up with this stuff, but it sure can be entertaining.

One day they were playing in the kitchen, wearing blankets as capes and pretending to be “Cat Girl” and “Bat Girl”. Sometimes I wish I could have as much as a kid doing something so simple.

Here are my images from that day, and make sure to click the link at the end of this post to see the next photographer in the loop!

January 10 on 10

The next photographer in our 10 on 10 loop is Anna Hurley. Go check out her post and the rest of the loop too!